The conditions allowing one to drive on Kenyan roads using a foreign driving license are stipulated in Kenya’s Traffic Act. Cap 403, Part IV, Section 31, Sub-Section 1A states,  “A licensing officer shall not grant an applicant a driving licence endorsed in respect of any class of motor vehicle unless the applicant – (a) satisfies the licensing officer that he has passed a test of competence to drive that class of motor vehicle conducted under section 39, or that he holds a certificate of competency for that class of motor vehicle issued under the Traffic Ordinance (now repealed), or is the holder of a valid driving licence for that class of motor vehicle granted by a competent authority in some part of the Commonwealth where such driving licences are granted only after a prescribed test has been passed or is the holder of an international driving permit.

This means that with a commonwealth license and an Aliens Card or Kenyan
ID you can easily be issued a Kenyan license without taking any test.

Countries Whose Citizens are Allowed to Drive in Kenya

There are currently 53 countries in the membership of the Commonwealth of Nations. If your country is among the following countries, you can drive in Kenya with your local driving license.

Africa Asia Caribbean and Americas
Botswana Bangladesh Antigua and Barbuda
Cameroon Brunei Darussalam Bahamas, The
Ghana India Barbados
Kenya Malaysia Belize
Lesotho Maldives Canada
Malawi Pakistan Dominica
Mauritius Singapore Grenada
Mozambique Sri Lanka Guyana
Namibia Jamaica
Nigeria Saint Lucia
Rwanda St Kitts and Nevis
Seychelles St Vincent and The Grenadines
Sierra Leone Trinidad and Tobago
South Africa
United Republic of Tanzania

Europe Pacific
Cyprus Australia
Malta Fiji
United Kingdom Kiribati
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands

To apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP), you need to liaise with your local traffic authority. Most countries issue IDP’s upon application.


Traffic Act Chapter 403, Laws of Kenya

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