Why Study in Australia?

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As a recent KCSE graduate, there are many universities and college options both locally and abroad. Kenyan students are increasingly looking to study in Australia and with good reasons.

Why Study in Australia?

There a number of reasons Kenyan students are choosing to study in Australia. These include:

  1. Despite having a population of only 23 million, it is the 3rd most popular destination for undergraduate students.
  2. There are over 22,000 courses available in over 1,100 institutions.
  3. 8 out of the top 100 universities globally are in Australia.
  4. 5 out of 30 of the best student cities are located in Australia.
  5. According to Universitas global ranking of higher education systems, Australia ranks 9th globally ahead of countries such as Germany, Netherlands, and Japan. Universitas is the leading global network of research-intensive universities.
  6. The Australian government invests $200 million in international scholarships annually.
  7. Australian universities feature in the top 50 ranked universities globally in the following areas of study; arts and humanities, clinical and pre-clinical health, engineering and technology, life sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences.
  8. Australian universities have produced 15 Nobel prize laureates.
  9. Over 1 billion people globally rely on Australian discoveries and innovations. These include; penicillin, in-vitro fertilization, ultrasound, wi-fi, bionic ear, cervical cancer vaccine, the aviation black box and many others.

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