How Much is a Game Drive at Nairobi National Park?

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Now that the COVID19 lockdown has finally been lifted, you are probably wondering where you can safely go and out enjoy yourself with friends and family.

One thing that many Nairobians take for granted is that they live in the only city in the world with a National Park within its borders. Unknown to many, the park teems with all kinds of fauna running the gamut from big cats like lions, to large herds of buffalo, giraffe, and gazelles. 

Due to the impact COVID19 has had on the tourism industry, the rates charged by tour operators for a game drive in the park have fallen drastically. For as little as Kshs 3,000 per person, which is inclusive of the Nairobi National Park charges, you can now enjoy a game drive at the park starting from the wee hours of the morning when the animals are still active right into the late afternoon. 

I spoke to a tour operator in Nairobi, and he confirmed they are now even throwing in a full English breakfast and swimming at The Game View Hotel in addition to the standard 4 x 4 Land Cruiser transport that picks you at 6 a.m at the City Center and drops you off after the drive. They also offer bottled drinking water and sanitizers. 

Clearly, there is no reason why shouldn’t take off your busy schedule and enjoy a game drive in the city.

Some Fun Facts About Nairobi National Park

  • There are over 100 mammal species including lion, buffalo, leopard, and rhino, four of the Big Five mammals.
  • There are large herds of eland, buffalo, zebra, and wildebeest.
  • There are about 400 migratory and endemic bird species.
  • The Park covers an area of 117 square kilometers.
  • The Park can be visited all year round.
  • The Park is a Rhino sanctuary and includes the black rhinoceros which is endangered.
  • You can visit the Ivory Burning Site Monument.
  • There are several walking trails.
  • If you don’t want a Game Drive you can always visit Nairobi Safari Walk and the Animal Orphanage.
  • There are several spacious picnic sites all over the park.

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