How to Reset Windows 7 Password with/without Disk If Forgot

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When you forget your computer’s login password, you can reset it using a CD, DVD, or USB flash drive without formatting your PC. You can also use the Command Prompt interface if you don’t have access to a Windows installation CD. If you’re not sure how to reset windows 7 password with an install disk or are not tech-savvy, password recovery software will do the job without you worrying about your PC’s data being wiped out. 

Below, we have outlined the options for resetting your Windows 7 password, with or without a disk. Let’s go!

Option 1. Reset Windows 7 Password with Disk

1.1. Reset Windows 7 Password with Password Reset Disk

A password reset disk is a CD or USB flash drive created specifically for giving you access to your Windows computer if you forgot your password. Note that this method only works if you created a password reset disk before forgetting your password. 


  • Start by inserting your password reset CD or USB flash drive. You will see a Reset password option. Click on it to open the Password Reset Wizard.

  • When the Password Reset Wizard shows up, click next to continue.

Password reset wizard window.

  • When the Password Reset Wizard pops up, select the CD or USB flash drive that you inserted from the drop-down box and click next. 

Insert the Password Reset Disk window

  • The User Account Password window will come up. Type in your new password, then create a hint you can easily remember if you forget the password again. Once you type a new password, click next, then finish. The Windows 7 login screen will appear. You can now log into your computer with the new password.

Reset the User Account Password window for creating a new password

1.2. Reset Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Recovery

An easier alternative to manual password recovery that doesn’t need you to format your computer is using a Windows Password Recovery Tool. Such tools also protect your data from potential loss.

You can use PassFab 4WinKey, a password recovery tool that creates a Windows reset disk using your USB.

  • To start using PassFab 4WinKey, install the Password Recovery software on another computer, then launch it by double-clicking the Desktop icon. Here, you will select your USB or CD/DVD drive, then click on Next.

PassFab Winkey software launch page

  • You will get a prompt letting you know that your USB flash drive will be formatted, and your data will be erased. Click on Next to start the disk burning process.

PassFab Winkey prompt

  • When your USB drive is burned successfully, follow the user instructions displayed and use your newly burned USB flash drive to unlock your computer and change the password.

  • Step 1: Insert your USB flash drive into the computer you want to unlock, then restart. As it’s rebooting, press F12, i.e., the boot key, until the BIOS Utility interface shows up. The boot key may be different in other computers, so make sure to cross-check the computer’s book key from the table below.

PassFab Winkey successful USB burn and step 1 select boot key

  • Step 2: enter the boot menu and select your USB flash drive under Please select the boot device using the arrow keys on your keyboard, then press Enter.

PassFab Winkey successful Step 2 select boot device

  • Step 3: Under the BIOS utility interface, use the arrow keys to go to the boot tab to select the boot device, i.e., USB flash drive or the CD you inserted. Press Enter, save, and exit (ESC) the BIOS setup utility menu.

Windows BIOS Utility interface

  • When you exit the boot menu, your PC will restart again, and the PassFab Winkey interface will come up. Select the Windows system and click on next.

PassFab Winkey select windows system window

  • In the next window, you will see options that PassFab 4Winkey offers. You can choose the account you want to work on. You can remove, reset and delete passwords and also create a new account. Once you select the account you want to work on, choose the features that will apply, then click Next.

PassFab Winkey features

  • To reset the account password, select the account, then click Reset Account Password. Click Next. Enter the new password and click Reset.

PassFab Winkey Account password reset

  • Once the reset is complete, you reboot your PC. You will now be able to access your PC’s Windows system with the new password.

PassFab Winkey computer reboot after password reset

1.3. Reset Windows 7 Password with Install Disk

Use your Windows 7 installation Disk/CD for this section. Insert your disk into the CD drive and restart your computer. When the message “Press any key to boot from CD” pops up, press any key on your keyboard. If an Install Windows screen comes up, select your preferred language, time, and input method, thenclick Next. Follow the steps below to reset Windows 7 password with the install disk.

Windows install screen

  • Select the Repair your computer option at the bottom of the Window.

Windows repair screen

  • The next screen will search for a Windows 7 installation on your computer. 

Windows System recovery options screen

  • After the search is done, your Windows 7 installation will be recovered. Take note of your installation disk’s location letter (drive letter) as you will need it, then click Next. In our example below, the Location letter is D.

Windows System recovery options screen

In the next screen, select the Command Prompt as your recovery tool.

Windows System recovery options screen

  • The Command Prompt interface will come up where you will type the first command, d:windowssystem32utilman.exe d: and press Enter. Note that the location letter is (D:) and has been used in the command.

  • Type the second command, d:windowssystem32cmd.exe d:windowssystem32utilman.exe and press Enter.

Windows command prompt screen

  • Once both commands have been executed, remove the install disk and click Restart

Windows command prompt screen

  • Your computer will restart, and the Login screen will come up. Select the Ease of access icon on the bottom left of your screen. 

Windows command prompt screen

  • This will bring up the command prompt to reset your password with the net user command, i.e., net user username password. Input your username with a new password and press Enter.

Windows command prompt screen

  • You can now log in to your computer. Ensure to save your password in a safe location where you can easily remember.

Windows login screen

Option 2. Forgot Windows 7 Password No Reset Disk

2.1. How to Reset Windows 7 Password with Other Administrator Account

If you still have access to admin privileges from another account, log into that account. Navigate to the Control Panel, select User Accounts > Family Safety, select User Accounts and follow the steps below. 

Control Panel User Accounts and Family Safety

  • You will see Manage another account in the next window, where you will select the account where you want to change the password. Select Remove the password to make changes to the Admin’s account.

Control Panel Manage Accounts

2.2. How to Reset Windows 7 Password Using Command Prompt

You can also use another Administrator account to access the command prompt to change your password. To reset Windows 7 password using Command Prompt, follow the steps below.

  • Log in to the computer with the other Administrator’s password. Go to Accessories located under programs in the start menu. Select Command Prompt and right-click, then click Run as administrator.

Windows menu

  • Once the Command prompt is open, type in “net user,” then press Enter. You will get a list of accounts on your PC. To change your password, type the command “net user username new_password” to change your username and password. Replace “username” with your actual username. 

Command prompt in administrator mode


We have covered the best options for resetting your Windows password with or without a disk. If some methods are too technical for you or you feel you might lose your data if you miss a step, your best option is to use PassFab Winkey software to reset your Windows 7 password.

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