Musician buys Omosh new camera

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Singer Dennis Manja popularly known as B Classic 006 has brought a camera and tripod for former Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh. The move by B Classic comes hours after Omosh controversially hogged media headlines in a fresh begging spree. The actor had Kenyans to help him get a good camera, tripod, and lighting system. “I just want a camera, tripod, two lights, and a mic and I will be okay,” he said during the interview. In video footage that B Classic shared on his Instagram page, the singer said he has decided to buy Omosh the items he requested to settle the matter once and for all. B Classic further says he believes in giving someone a second chance. “Nimeona watu wanamuattack Omosh pale mtandaoni. Sisi kama binadamu tufaaa kupeana second chances. Nimeamua kumpea hii camera, mic na tripod nimebuy hapa. Mimi kama mimi mwenye napenda kazi zake najua atajisupport kwa deals zake (I have seen people attacking Omosh on social media, we need to give others a second chance. I have bought him a camera, microphone and Ipad I hope he can now support himself)” he said. In a video that has since emerged online, Omosh has expressed his utter shock for going viral on social media following his recent interview asking for financial help yet again. “Manze sinatrend, nimetoka interview ingine natrend kuruka. Kwani majama shida iko wapi? Mlicome through mkaniokolea keja ndio hii inasimama. Manze thanks a lot kwa kitu mlinifanyia. Lakini kitu inaniwasha ni munaniuliza kule nilipeleka cheda. Nilisort out problems, nilikuwa na problems kibao. Shida haziishangi. Mimi hata nilikuwa nashow kama unajiskia si ati nilikuwa na kulazimisha,” he added. (I’m just from an interviewing and I’m trending. Where is the problem. You helped me build a house and it is almost complete. Thank alot. I am wondering why you are asking me where I took the money. I had so many issues to sort out. Problems never end. If you wish to help me, please do, I am not forcing anyone)

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