How To Be Ready To Say Yes To Speaking Opportunities.

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In life the ability to communicate clearly is essential.

And the ability to speak with confidence is a large part of this.

Having both skills sorted means when opportunities appear, you can say yes.

Ponder this for a moment. You may not aspire to do a TED Talk right now, but if you were asked, would you be ready?

To fast-track, your presentation skills for an important event David Julian Price is the presentation skills coach you need. 

He’s not afraid to push your boundaries so your presentation gets noticed for all the right reasons.  

The benefits of engaging David as your speaking coach. 

David sees things differently and sees what other coaches don’t. He draws on his 35+ years of vast experience and multi-layered skill set to add depth to your presentation. And isn’t that what you want?

When you combine all of these skills together….

You can begin to understand why your presentation will be elevated to stratospheric levels of awesome.


The Secrets to becoming a confident and competent speaker may surprise you

There are many strategies to gain confidence whenever you speak

Resonant voice, stand tall, your body language cannot be weak

Three skills apply – VERBAL – VOCAL – VISUAL – all must be in synch Or the audience’s brain will be confused and won’t know what to think

VERBAL – your words are meaningful, but WHAT YOU SAY has the least impact

VOCAL – your tone and HOW YOU SAY IT are more memorable, and that’s a fact

VISUAL – But it’s WHAT PEOPLE SEE that’s remembered the most

Which enhances how you MAKE THEM FEEL, keeping them engrossed

Learn the subtle art of these non-verbal skills of presence, pause and pace

The audience will sit up and listen, sensing you command the space

Like it or not, audiences judge your ability in the first 3 seconds

Whether you speak or pause, confident body language beckons

HOW to put it all together so the 3 V’s are in collaboration, not confusion?

David’s interactive hot-seat coaching guides you to a solid conclusion

Learn platform secrets from the pro who is willing to share

So you too, will influence and inspire… if you dare

David Julian Price– Speaking Confidence Coach

Poem by Denise Rose Price – Content writer, Poet    08 6165 8867

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