Condom Crisis: Gonorrhoea Rates Spike in Homa Bay County Amidst Shortage”

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Homa Bay County finds itself in an alarming predicament, as rising gonorrhoea infections underscore the urgent need for a stable condom supply. This coastal hotspot, already burdened with a high rate of HIV infections and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), faces challenges that put its residents at risk of contracting these diseases.

One factor that contributes to the problem is the bustling Lake Victoria beaches, where the controversial “sex for fish” trade thrives. With an HIV prevalence rate of 19.6%, according to the 2018 Kenya Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (KENPHIA), Homa Bay’s rate is a staggering four times higher than the national average of 4.9%.

To combat this public health crisis, various interventions have been implemented, such as promoting behavior changes among residents and advocating for condom use. But there have been occasions when the county has been hit by a severe condom shortage, jeopardizing these efforts.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have stepped up to address the situation, calling for a consistent condom supply to protect residents from HIV and STIs. Zahra Hassan, the Director of Community Aid Transformation Alliance Group (CATAG), emphasized the risks posed by an unstable supply of condoms during a talk at Tom Mboya University.

Hassan acknowledged the recent shortage of condoms in Homa Bay but expressed relief that the situation has been mitigated. “There has been a shortage of condom supply, but I am happy that the shortage is no longer there,” she said.

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