Medical Staff Protest Following Brutal Assault at Kisii Hospital Linked to Political Interference

by | Apr 18, 2023 | News | 0 comments

In a shocking turn of events, medical staff at Nduru Level 4 Hospital in Kisii County, Kenya, have ceased operations following a violent incident allegedly tied to a local politician. The assault occurred as the hospital was temporarily relocating an anesthetic machine to Keumbu in Nyaribari Chache, a decision that the politician in question reportedly opposed.

Dr. Matiko Giabe, the acting County Director of Medical Services, explained that a group of aggressive youths descended upon the hospital staff as they were in the process of transferring the machine. Several members of the medical team, including a biomedical engineer and a driver, sustained severe injuries during the confrontation. The incident has left the hospital staff shaken, with some requesting transfers to other facilities.

While the identity of the politician remains undisclosed for legal reasons, Dr. Giabe urged authorities to take action against the individual responsible for inciting the attack. Despite efforts from the county’s Department of Health to persuade staff members to return to work, the hospital remains largely non-operational due to the ongoing safety concerns.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentist Union (KMPDU) and the Kenya Clinicians Union have both voiced their support for the medical staff’s decision to halt services until the hospital environment is secure. Dr. Aggrey Orwenyo, Nyanza Branch Secretary of the KMPDU, emphasized the severity of the incident and the necessity for staff safety.

Lazarus Obwoge, Kisii chair of the Kenya Clinicians Union, confirmed that the violent group was organized by local politicians and demanded that security personnel take legal action against those involved. While some residents have expressed frustration over the withdrawal of medical services, the medical staff remains firm in their decision not to resume work until the situation is resolved and their safety is ensured.

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