Nairobi’s Governor Pledges Free Weekend Parking to Boost City’s Business Sector

by | Apr 27, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Governor Sakaja of Nairobi revealed a proposal to eliminate weekend parking fees in the city center during the presentation of the Finance Bill 2023. The move aims to stimulate economic growth by encouraging businesses to operate on weekends, drawing in residents and visitors alike.

Governor Sakaja acknowledged the economic challenges faced by Nairobi’s residents and businesses, stating, “I know times are hard… We also want to attract more visitors to the CBD during weekends.” The governor expressed his desire for Nairobi to emulate other leading cities worldwide, adopting a weekend vibrancy that fosters growth and development.

Security provisions are also on Governor Sakaja’s agenda, as he assured that his administration would ensure round-the-clock safety measures for the city’s inhabitants.

The Finance Bill 2023, recently validated by County Chief Officer for Revenue Collection Wilson Gakuya and other county staff, outlines provisions to bolster the county’s revenue sources, addressing budgetary expenditures. However, this proposal is anticipated to generate mixed reactions among Nairobi County Assembly members, as parking fees constitute a significant revenue source for the county.

Governor Sakaja reported a positive revenue collection trend during a recent church service, stating, “Our county revenue collection for the last three months shot up by Sh673 million as compared to last year.” He expressed optimism for continued growth in revenue collection.

The 2023 County Revenue Collection Report discloses that Nairobi amassed Sh1.42 billion in January, Sh1.3 billion in February, and Sh1.78 billion in March. Other primary sources of revenue for the county include land rates, single business permits, fire inspection, house and stall rent, and food handlers, among others.

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