DJ Fatxo Denied Access to his Own Residence

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NAIROBI — Mugithi artist DJ Fatxo found himself at the center of a dramatic turn of events as he was denied access to his own residence. The incident comes in the wake of the death of his acquaintance, Jeff Mwathi, for which DJ Fatxo was recently cleared as a suspect.

In a video shared on Instagram by SPM Buzz, DJ Fatxo can be seen attempting to enter his house on the night of Saturday, May 20, only to be met with denial. While the reason for this denial has not been officially disclosed by management, speculation suggests that it stems from the negative publicity surrounding Jeff Mwathi’s demise.

Speaking to reporters following the incident, DJ Fatxo expressed his frustration with the treatment he has received. “I’m exhausted by all this conflict. I’m a person of faith. We have a legal system, and I believe that when it reaches this point, someone should be guided. I don’t want all this drama. I feel my life is in danger, and yet someone is preventing me from accessing my own home from 7 pm to midnight. It’s unfair to me,” DJ Fatxo stated during the interview.

On the night of Jeff Mwathi’s death, he and a group of DJ Fatxo’s acquaintances allegedly went out for drinks. Upon their return in the early hours of the morning, Mwathi’s lifeless body was discovered at the base of the 10th-floor building where the Mugithi star resides. Although it was initially suggested that Mwathi had taken his own life, many harbored doubts regarding this explanation.

Just days ago, DJ Fatxo expressed gratitude to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) after being cleared as a suspect in Jeff Mwathi’s death. In a statement shared on his social media accounts, the artist’s lawyer conveyed his client’s sympathies to Mwathi’s family and friends, while also addressing the allegations that had circulated.

“I want to take this opportunity to clear my name and assure you all that I have been found not guilty after thorough investigations by DCI detectives and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP),” DJ Fatxo’s statement read.

Acknowledging the challenging period he has endured both emotionally and physically, DJ Fatxo highlighted the harm caused by false accusations and cyberbullying. He called upon individuals to refrain from rushing to judgment based on mere accusations or speculative narratives.

In conclusion, DJ Fatxo urged people to approach the situation with empathy and seek factual information before passing judgment. He encouraged compassion, understanding, and respect among individuals, emphasizing the importance of coming together and learning from the experience.

As DJ Fatxo navigates this difficult time, his supporters stand by him, hoping for a resolution that allows for healing, growth, and unity within the community.

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