A Lion’s Last Roar: Esteemed Politician David Waweru Ng’ethe Succumbs to Cancer

by | May 13, 2023 | News | 0 comments

In a somber announcement on Tuesday, May 9th, Dagoretti South Member of Parliament (MP) John Kiarie revealed the passing of his father, David Waweru Ng’ethe, after a protracted battle with cancer. Ng’ethe, a former Kandara Constituency MP and thrice-failed presidential candidate, leaves behind a legacy of political determination and perseverance.

Kiarie took to Twitter to share the news of his father’s demise, likening him to a lion and describing the moment as a “dark, dark hour.” He went on to poetically capture the melancholy scene, stating, “As the 3 o’clock late afternoon sun battled with a stubborn dark cloud for superiority in the skies, a stubborn dark cancer struck a final mortal blow. Death is so final. It is unbelievable.”

The grieving MP also cited a Bible verse in his heartfelt tribute, illustrating the depth of his loss and the fragility of the line between life and eternity. “Unbelievable how thin that marker line is between this life and eternity. At this heaven-ordained hour, The Lion breathed his last. Grief pierces to the core. Acts 13:36,” he wrote.

The passing of Ng’ethe, a prominent figure in Kenyan politics, marks the end of an era and leaves a profound impact on those who knew him and his steadfast contributions to the nation.

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