Amidst Sugary Maelstrom: Kenya Standards Bureau Ushers in Leadership Revamp

by | May 18, 2023 | News | 0 comments

In the aftermath of the highly publicized sugar industry controversy, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (Kebs) has initiated an administrative overhaul, placing Esther Ngari at the helm as the interim Managing Director. This move follows the suspension of Benard Njiraini, along with five others, for their alleged involvement in the illicit sale and distribution of substandard sugar.

This new directive from Kebs underscores its commitment to restoring faith in Kenya’s critical standards organization after the disconcerting sugar fiasco. Ngari, a highly-regarded veteran in the field, now shoulders the responsibility to oversee an organization striving to rebuild its reputation.

In addition to Ngari’s appointment, the board has also made several other key modifications in its leadership structure. Bernard Nguyo has been installed as the Acting Director of Quality Assurance and Inspection, while Zachariah Lukorito has been assigned the role of the Acting Director of Standards Development and Trade. These strategic placements indicate a comprehensive reshuffling of the deck, aimed at fostering transparency, accountability, and restoring public trust in the organization.

The scandals within Kenya’s sugar industry have drawn considerable public scrutiny and attention, prompting swift action by the Kebs board. As the dust begins to settle, it remains to be seen how these new appointments will alter the course of the bureau, but hopes are high that this reinvigorated leadership can pave the way for an era of untainted quality control and standards enforcement.

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