Cult Leader Paul Mackenzie Allegedly Utilized Armed Gangs, Interior Minister Reveals

by | May 26, 2023 | News | 0 comments

KILIFI — Startling revelations have emerged surrounding Kilifi cult leader Paul Mackenzie, as Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki disclosed to the Senate ad hoc committee on religious organizations. According to Kindiki, armed gangs were employed by Mackenzie to kill followers who failed to succumb quickly enough or changed their minds during the fasting process.

The armed gangs reportedly constructed structures near burial sites, providing themselves with well-balanced meals while they monitored the agonizing starvation of the faithful. This shocking revelation follows the recent discovery of mass graves in what has been termed the “Shakahola forest massacre.”

Law enforcement authorities believe that the majority of the bodies found belong to Mackenzie’s followers, who were allegedly instructed to starve themselves to death in order to “meet Jesus.”

While starvation appears to be the primary cause of death, government pathologist Johansen Oduor has revealed that some victims, including children, exhibited signs of strangulation, beatings, or suffocation.

Furthermore, court documents filed this month indicate that certain corpses had undergone organ removal, leading police to suspect forced harvesting of body parts by the perpetrators.

“Post-mortem reports have confirmed the absence of organs in some exhumed bodies,” stated chief inspector Martin Munene in an affidavit submitted to a Nairobi court. He further noted that there appeared to be a well-coordinated network involved in the trade of human body organs, without providing specific details about the alleged trafficking activities.

The revelations surrounding Mackenzie’s cult and the heinous acts committed by armed gangs have sent shockwaves throughout the country, raising concerns about the influence and manipulation of vulnerable individuals in religious organizations. The authorities will undoubtedly continue their investigations to shed light on this horrifying ordeal and bring those responsible to justice.

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