Diplomatic Rift Evident as Singoei Rebuts Kuria’s Commentary on Sudan Crisis

by | May 16, 2023 | Politics | 0 comments

In an escalating feud that has thrown Kenya’s diplomatic community into a whirlwind, Korir Singoei, the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, has publicly diverged from the views of Moses Kuria, the country’s Trade Cabinet Secretary.

Kuria, a figure notorious for his provocative statements, recently advocated for military intervention in nations where governmental power has been seized by the military. This stance was shared on Twitter on Monday and was directly linked to the ongoing crisis in Sudan.

“Succumbing to military juntas doesn’t yield democrats; it only amplifies the misguided notion of non-interference. The African Union has the capacity to assemble an overpowering force that could reduce Khartoum to rubble,” Kuria’s tweet read.

In a swift response, also via Twitter, Singoei repudiated Kuria’s views, emphasizing that they did not align with the Kenyan government’s official stance on the Sudanese conflict.

“The individual opinions articulated by Moses Kuria do not reflect the government’s position on this multifaceted and difficult issue. We are dedicated to collaborating with all parties towards a peaceful resolution of the Sudanese crisis,” Singoei stated.

This public discord marks the second time the Principal Secretary and the Cabinet Secretary have clashed on diplomatic issues, which technically fall outside Kuria’s purview.

In February 2023, the Trade Cabinet Secretary caused a stir by warning the proprietor of China Square that while the Kenyan government was willing to support the establishment of a manufacturing plant, it would not countenance a wholesale or retail operation that posed competition to local businesses.

This declaration, which included an implicit threat of expulsion, prompted Singoei to intervene, reassuring investors that the government would uphold a fair and non-discriminatory investment environment, regardless of nationality.

“No legitimate investor, irrespective of their nationality, should have any concerns. Our investment policy is consistent and non-discriminatory,” Singoei affirmed via Twitter.

Prominent figures, including esteemed lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, took to Twitter to criticize Kuria’s hardline stance against Mr. Lei Cheng of China Square.

“CS Moses Kuria is patently mistaken in his campaign against Mr. Lei Cheng of China Square. His catchphrase ‘Kenya is open for business’ stands in stark contradiction to his attack on Cheng’s successful business model,” Ahmednasir rebuked.

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