Kenyatta Defiantly Pledges to Maintain Helm at Jubilee Party Amidst Escalating Threats

by | May 22, 2023 | News, Politics | 0 comments

In the face of burgeoning threats and confrontations, former President Uhuru Kenyatta has resolutely affirmed his commitment to sustain his political presence, maintaining his leadership of the Jubilee Party.

While addressing attendees at the Jubilee National Delegates Conference (NDC), Mr. Kenyatta unveiled his original intentions to withdraw from politics to tackle other pressing concerns, but was involuntarily persuaded to remain due to mounting external pressures.

Mr. Kenyatta stated, “My plan had been to retire from politics and focus on other matters of importance. My vision was to hand over my role at an event like this NDC, but the emergence of threats and coercive actions has compelled me to stay on.”

In response to the clamor for leadership change within the party, Mr. Kenyatta pointedly retorted, “Seek a different candidate, not Uhuru.” Nonetheless, he adamantly avowed his commitment to continue steering the Jubilee Party, unless members expressly request his departure.

Reflecting on his peaceful succession, the former President expressed his discontent over the disparaging comments and disrespect he has received. He brought attention to a specific incident involving hired miscreants, who infiltrated his farm and made off with his sheep, an apparent tactic to intimidate him. Mr. Kenyatta emphasized that his peace-loving stance should not be construed as timidity.

Undaunted by the adversities he has encountered, Mr. Kenyatta underlined that the Jubilee Party belongs to its members, who have entrusted him with a leadership mandate. He reaffirmed his dedication to serving the party’s objectives and the Kenyan populace.

Addressing internal betrayals, Mr. Kenyatta disclosed plans to supersede certain individuals within the party, underscoring that they should have taken the honorable route of resignation.

Despite these challenges, he urged for solidarity amongst party members and a concerted effort to propel the party’s mission forward. Mr. Kenyatta reiterated his endorsement for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and expressed optimism for its implementation, emphasizing its paramount importance to the Kenyan people.

The BBI, a measure designed to tackle a range of social and political challenges within the nation, remains a critical focus for the Jubilee Party.

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