Nairobi – Ruto’s Allies Stir Kenyatta’s Continued Political Involvement

by | May 24, 2023 | News, Politics | 0 comments

The presidency of William Ruto is facing a significant dilemma as his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, remains actively involved in political matters.

Allies of the former president argue that it is Ruto’s loyalists who have instigated Kenyatta’s political activity, which appears to undermine the Kenya Kwanza Alliance government.

“When people like Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wa, and Budget Committee Chairman Ndindi Nyoro persistently attack him, what do you expect Mr. Kenyatta to do?” questioned Muriithi Kang’ara, Kirinyaga County Jubilee Party Chairman. He further stated that President Ruto has deliberately strategized to disunite Kenyatta’s allies who lost in the 2022 elections but remained loyal to him in the Jubilee Party.

Kang’ara suggests that Mt. Kenya residents feel betrayed due to delays in the implementation of the Ruto administration’s pre-election promises.

Jeremiah Kioni, Jubilee Party Secretary-General, expressed concerns over the unfounded smear campaign against the Kenyatta family, led by Gachagua in the Mountain region. “We will continue educating our people about the fraudulent activities that led to vote-rigging in the Mt. Kenya region,” said Kioni.

Kenyatta’s allies are also warning President Ruto and Gachagua to prepare for a massive political confrontation at the national level, particularly in the Mt. Kenya region.

Kamau Mweha, Raila Odinga’s point man in Mt. Kenya, confirmed that “the Mt. Kenya symbols of authority granted to Mr. Kenyatta in 2013 by the Kikuyu Council of Elders won’t be relinquished.”

Former Education and Sports Chief Administrative Secretary, Zack Kinuthia, anticipates that by 2025, Mt. Kenya will establish a strong political identity through a solid party that will capitalize on the Kenya Kwanza Alliance’s shortcomings. He also noted that the political maneuvers between its leading figures might cause political disillusionment in Mt. Kenya.

Former Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wa Iria believes Mt. Kenya requires a political savior due to the unfulfilled development promises by those currently in power. He affirms that Kenyatta will remain the Mt. Kenya kingpin “until the day he expresses disinterest in the role.”

As Ruto enters his eighth month in office, Moses Kuria, Trade Cabinet Secretary, promised performance reviews every six months during the run-up to the August 2022 elections. The people of Mt. Kenya eagerly anticipate this first review meeting.

Kang’ara urged Kenyatta’s supporters to remain united and dedicated to the broader cause. He also called for strategic planning for a political comeback in the next five years with Kenyatta’s guidance and support.

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