The Crusade Against Fraudulence: Kenya’s Law Society Strives to Purge Imposters

by | May 18, 2023 | Legal, News | 0 comments

In a decisive move to ensure integrity and legitimacy within Kenya’s legal sphere, The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) recently launched a nationwide operation to eradicate false practitioners and imposters masquerading as lawyers. Unveiled in Nairobi, the campaign will be enforced throughout the country via LSK’s established network of branches.

The society’s president, Eric Theuri, issued a public call for vigilance, advising Kenyans to exercise caution when seeking legal counsel for representation in court or other legal matters. The campaign aims to work hand in glove with law enforcement agencies to stamp out malpractices in the legal profession.

“Before entrusting your case to a lawyer, we implore you to visit the LSK website,” said Theuri. “A simple check of their status on our online portal can validate whether they hold a current practicing license for the given year.”

In an effort to bolster standards across the board, LSK members who have not renewed their operating licenses have been instructed to abstain from undertaking any legal activities until they have received clearance from the council. This move underlines the society’s commitment to uphold the sanctity of the legal profession and the credibility of the services it provides.

By rooting out imposters and ensuring the ethical conduct of its members, the LSK hopes to reinforce trust in Kenya’s legal system and safeguard the interests of those seeking justice.

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