Transparency International Revokes DPP Haji’s Leadership Integrity Award

by | May 26, 2023 | News | 0 comments

NAIROBI — Transparency International (TI) has announced the withdrawal of the 2019 Leadership Integrity Award from Noordin Haji, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The decision follows petitions and assessments concerning the DPP’s handling of high-profile cases, leading to public outcry.

TI Kenya Executive Director Sheila Masinde stated in a released statement on Friday that the organization had decided to revoke the Leadership Integrity Award conferred upon Haji. Concerns were raised regarding the withdrawal of corruption cases, including those for which Haji was previously recognized, resulting in the loss of public funds.

The statement emphasized Transparency International’s firm belief in upholding the highest standards of integrity for all award recipients. In accordance with the revocation, DPP Haji is required to return the certificate and plaque presented to him during the award ceremony.

Meanwhile, Haji’s appointment as the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director faces obstacles, with civil society organizations filing a petition with the Public Service Commission and a case lodged at the Nakuru High Court. The groups, represented by the National Integrity Alliance, are calling for Haji’s dismissal based on allegations of gross misconduct, incompetence, and non-compliance with constitutional requirements outlined in chapter six.

The revocation of the Leadership Integrity Award and the challenges to Haji’s appointment underscore the scrutiny and concerns surrounding his performance and adherence to ethical standards in public office. The developments reflect the ongoing efforts to ensure transparency and accountability in Kenya’s governance structures.

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