Unraveling of Jubilee Party: Sabina Chege’s Bold Stand Against Former President Kenyatta

by | May 4, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Sabina Chege, a prominent member of the Jubilee Party, has publicly accused former President Uhuru Kenyatta of causing the party’s decline, citing his indecisiveness and abandonment of party ideals. Chege revealed that during a recent attempt to reclaim their party office, they encountered opposition politicians and street thugs, with Kenyatta himself allegedly wielding a metal rod.

Chege urged Kenyatta to cease turning the nation and Jubilee supporters into a spectacle. She highlighted his inconsistent actions, such as endorsing opposition leader Odinga while simultaneously using intimidation tactics to pressure Jubilee members. Chege emphasized that the party’s loyalty lies with its ideals, not with Kenyatta.

The party’s decline, according to Chege, is directly attributable to Kenyatta’s continued leadership. She noted that the number of elected National Assembly members has dropped significantly since the 2017 general elections. Chege also claimed that Kenyatta ignored warnings about the unpopularity of his political choices, including sidelining then-deputy William Ruto and the 2018 handshake with opposition leader Odinga.

The recent Mount Kenya elections, Chege argued, revealed growing discontent with Kenyatta, the Jubilee Party, and its loyalists. Despite this, Kenyatta continued to rely on an inner circle that disregarded the public’s concerns, ultimately leading to significant political losses. Chege maintained that Kenyatta no longer represents the Jubilee Party, as the party is owned by its members and operates through its elected leaders.

Chege warned Kenyatta against engaging in illegal and desperate actions not supported by law, emphasizing that the Jubilee National Executive Council (NEC) does not stand with him. She announced plans for the NEC to convene a National Delegates Conference (NDC) to reinvent the party and elect new office-bearers.

In a striking critique, Chege characterized Kenyatta as a man of low stature, risking his dignity and respect by participating in hostile activities. Despite the potential loss of Kenyatta’s favor, Chege remains resolute, calling for direct communication and asserting that the Jubilee Party must prioritize the needs of Kenya and its people over individual interests.

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