Global Sensation Davido’s Alleged Mistress Springs Pregnancy Bombshell! Shocking Evidence Unveiled!

by | Jun 29, 2023 | News | 0 comments

The virtual world is in a frenzy as a new femme fatale enters the scene, claiming to carry superstar Davido’s unborn child.

The international sensation Davido finds himself in a hot soup, as a woman named Anita Brown steps forward, claiming to be with child, his child to be precise. Anita first caught the public eye on Sunday, June 25, 2023, when she made her shocking pregnancy claim, only to withdraw her statement, blaming it on a hacker’s shenanigans.

However, the plot thickens! As the clock struck midnight on Tuesday, June 27, 2023, Anita made a comeback, armed with her claims, a confirmed pregnancy test, and a string of eyebrow-raising receipts.

Anita, criticized as a fleeting fling, retaliated with a revelation that she had been involved with the ‘Fall’ crooner since 2017, a bond that started in the glamorous city of Dubai and continued till the globe was struck by the pandemic in 2020.

Unfazed by the public furore, Anita took to Instagram to share her evidence. She put forth a series of compelling Snapchat, Instagram, and iMessage conversations, igniting a wildfire of speculation and skepticism.

Among these intriguing exchanges were dialogues with Davido himself, along with his cousin, Clarks Adeleke. The contents suggested that Clarks tried to buy her silence and ‘resolve the pregnancy matter,’ but our fiery damsel stood her ground and rejected the offer.

Despite the brewing scandal, Anita insists that she was oblivious to Davido’s marital status and had no plans to play the homewrecker in the Afrobeat sensation’s domestic life.

In an impassioned Instagram story, she retorted, “What grinds my gears is this ‘married man’ tag that you all are slapping on me. Enough! I swear, I had no clue he was hitched. Scan his page, does he scream ‘married man’ to you? I might be guilty of indulging in carnal desires, but I’m no home-wrecker, so ease up.

Notably, this isn’t Davido’s first dance with pregnancy allegations. As per reports by Punch Newspaper in 2017, a lady named Ayotomide Labinjo claimed to have birthed the singer’s love child. She declared that Davido was the father of her three-year-old daughter, Anuoluwapo. However, the hitmaker dismissed these allegations with a swift denial.

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