Kamene Goro Stirs Up the Internet with Her Unconventional Omena-Cleaning Technique

by | Jun 14, 2023 | News | 0 comments

NAIROBI – Kamene Goro, one of Kenya’s most renowned and influential media personalities, has recently sparked a vigorous online debate with her unorthodox approach to washing Omena, a variety of small fish popular in Kenya, using soap and disinfectant. This unexpected culinary maneuver has stirred up a maelstrom of opinions on social media and beyond, shining a light on the intersection of traditional practices and modern hygiene consciousness in contemporary Kenya.

Ms. Goro’s innovative method first came to light when a video surfaced online showing her demonstrating her cleaning procedure. The video, which quickly went viral, showed her vigorously washing the small fish with soap before applying a disinfectant solution. It is not clear from the video whether she proceeded to rinse and cook them after being stopped by media colleague Obinna and her husband Dj Bonez.

Numerous online commentators were taken aback by her unconventional approach.

The video, which has garnered thousands of views, comments, and shares, has sparked a broader conversation about food safety practices in the home.

In Kenya, Omena, also known as Dagaa in Swahili, is a beloved staple, often fried and served with Ugali, a type of cornmeal porridge. The use of soap and disinfectant in preparing this dish, however, is far from traditional.

“Food safety is a serious issue,” said Kamene Goro in a statement to The Infohub. “I believe in taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the food we eat is clean and safe. My method may seem unconventional, but it is effective.”

While Ms. Goro stands by her method, food safety experts have mixed opinions. Some appreciate her focus on cleanliness, while others caution that soap and disinfectants are not designed for food preparation and could potentially introduce harmful chemicals into the food.

Notably, this incident has not only sparked debates on hygiene practices but also highlighted the power of media personalities like Goro in shaping public discourse. In a digital era where social media platforms are powerful mediums for disseminating information, Goro’s fish-cleaning video serves as a potent reminder of the role of influencers in shaping societal norms and practices.

As the debate continues to simmer, it is clear that Kamene Goro has once again proven her knack for capturing the public’s attention, this time with a humble dish of Omena and a cleaning procedure that has everyone talking. Whether or not soap-scrubbed Omena becomes a culinary trend remains to be seen. However, what is certain is that in the sphere of public discourse, Ms. Goro is an undeniably influential figure whose every move makes waves.

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