Osoro’s Humorous Beat: A Lighter Moment at Kenya’s National Prayer Breakfast

by | Jun 7, 2023 | News | 0 comments

SAFARI PARK HOTEL, NAIROBI – In a lighter moment at the National Prayer Breakfast held at the Safari Park Hotel, Silvanus Osoro, Member of Parliament for South Mugirango, delighted attendees with a humorous comment about his colleague, Kimani Ichungwa, MP for Kikuyu.

As the members of the Bunge Choir prepared to take the stage for their performance, Osoro quipped that Ichungwa had been left out of the choir because he “moves faster than the beats.” The remark elicited laughter from the audience, providing a moment of levity amidst the solemnity of the event.

The National Prayer Breakfast, a tradition that brings together leaders from different sectors to pray for the nation and its leaders, is typically a serious affair. However, Osoro’s jest about Ichungwa’s energetic disposition added a lighthearted touch to the occasion.

Ichungwa, known for his lively presence, took the joke in stride, further adding to the warm camaraderie that marked the event. As the Bunge Choir performed their selection of uplifting spiritual songs, the spirit of unity and collective goodwill was palpable.

The National Prayer Breakfast serves as a reminder of the bond that ties Kenyans together, even as they navigate the complexities of political and social life. And as Osoro’s comment highlighted, it also provides an opportunity for leaders to show their human side, reminding us that beyond their public roles, they too appreciate a good laugh.

As the breakfast came to a close, the humorous incident was certainly one of the day’s highlights, a testament to the enduring spirit of camaraderie and good humor that characterizes Kenya’s vibrant political scene.

For now, we can only wait to see if Ichungwa will take up the challenge and synchronize his pace with the choir’s beats at next year’s event.

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