Unveiling the Mystery: The Tragic End of Ex-Treasury Official Tom Osinde

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In the chilling aftermath of former Treasury official Tom Fred Mokaya Osinde’s demise, fresh revelations suggest that he may have been drugged and abducted from his luxurious residence in Nakuru, driven to Kisii, and subsequently murdered.

Osinde’s decomposed remains were discovered in River Kuja, situated in Migori County. His kin, spearheaded by Enock Nemwel Osinde, identified the body, a confirmation that ended an agonizing two-week search.

Words fail to express our gratitude for the outpouring of love, prayers, and support during the arduous search for my brother. The conclusion of our search was not what we hoped for. Tom was brutally murdered, and his body was found in Migori County. We request your continued prayers as we strive to cope with this horrendous loss,” expressed Nemwel.

Investigations into Osinde’s death suggest that prior to his disappearance, his black Land Cruiser V8 was spotted leaving his Nakuru home on June 18, operated by an unidentified individual. “We are in pursuit of crucial leads to trace his final moments before his untimely death. On June 18, Osinde’s Land Cruiser V8 was seen departing from his opulent Ngata estate residence, but it was not being driven by the owner. Instead, a mysterious individual was at the helm,” disclosed a high-ranking detective involved in the case.

Suspects Emerge

The detectives have named Osinde’s employee, Julius Mogoi, as the prime suspect in this brutal crime and are also attempting to identify other potential culprits.

Boda boda riders, operating near Osinde’s home, corroborated this story, reporting that on the day Osinde vanished, his vehicle was seen departing his residence, driven by a stranger. “On the day he disappeared, and his phone went dark, I saw his car leaving, but he wasn’t the one driving. A stranger was behind the wheel. We recognized him as he would always acknowledge us when leaving his residence. That day, he didn’t,” recounted one of the riders.

In an intensified search and investigation into his disappearance, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations apprehended two workers, including Mr Mogoi, at Osinde’s residence in Ngata, Nakuru County, on Wednesday.

Detectives, primarily from the Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB), conducted an exhaustive search of Osinde’s sprawling 10-acre property and questioned the house staff for over four hours.

“We conducted a meticulous search of the extensive 10-acre estate where Osinde’s residence is located. This was an effort to trace his whereabouts and investigate the disappearance of the former Treasury official,” Rongai Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer Donatta Atieno reported after Wednesday’s operation.

According to Atieno, the suspects in custody are being investigated for kidnapping. They were brought to court on Wednesday evening, where the police secured a 21-day remand order to complete the investigation before the suspects are brought back to court.

Detectives seized more than five mobile phones from the employees present at the time of Osinde’s disappearance. These devices are undergoing forensic analysis to determine any communication between the employees and Osinde, which could provide clues to their potential involvement in his disappearance and murder.

Investigators also noted that two electricity switches in the upper staircase of Osinde’s residence had been damaged. The timing of this vandalism, whether it occurred before or after his disappearance, is under investigation.

Osinde, whose mobile phone has been disconnected since he disappeared, was the brother of the late Ambassador Ken Osinde, the former chief of staff in the Office of now President William Ruto.

Ken Osinde served as Kenya’s ambassador to Germany from 2010 to 2014, prior to his role as chief of staff in the office of Deputy President William Ruto. He passed away in October 2021 during treatment in Nairobi.

Detectives have expanded their search to Osinde’s residences in Ngata and Nyamira in their attempts to trace his whereabouts. At the time of his disappearance, his family reported that he was planning to travel from his residence in Ngata, Nakuru to his rural home in Borabu, Nyamira County.

Police now suspect that Mr. Mogoi, currently in police custody, may have had a hand in Osinde’s death. Mogoi arrived at their South Mugirango residence in Kisii County on the night of Sunday, June 18, 2023.

Investigators theorize that Osinde was murdered in Kisii County, and his body was subsequently discarded in River Kuja. This river, also known as Gucha River, originates in Kiabonyoru’s highlands in Nyamira County, flows through Kisii County, and then enters Migori County, where it is known as River Kuja. From there, it flows directly into Lake Victoria. In Kisii County, it diverges at a place known as Mogonga to form the Mogonga River. These two rivers eventually converge a mile later before flowing towards Ogembo in Kisii County.

Prior Troubles: Mogoi’s Dark Past

The investigators have gathered that Mr. Mogoi drove to his residence in Nyakeo, South Mugirango, Kisii County, arriving late at night. This marked his first appearance at the home in three years following a previous incident. Interestingly, Mr. Mogoi is also a suspect in another murder case from years prior. However, the circumstances that led to his release before he began working at Osinde’s Ngata residence remain unclear.

The distance from Ngata in Nakuru County, where Osinde resided, to Nyakeo is a little over 210 kilometers. As of last night, Mr. Mogoi, currently being interrogated by detectives from the DCI, was being considered a kidnapping suspect. However, a murder case has now been opened.

Investigators intend to carry out forensic examinations on Osinde’s car to identify the last person who handled it. A detective revealed that an attempt was made to set the vehicle on fire when it was abandoned in the Kilgoris area in Trans Mara West, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The individual who abandoned the vehicle, believed to be one of the suspects, removed the vehicle’s registration plates before fleeing.

On the same day, Mr. Mogoi returned to Ngata, where he worked as a farm hand, and resumed his usual duties until he was apprehended by detectives in Nakuru on Wednesday.

The Abandoned Vehicle: A Key Piece of Evidence

On June 22, a vandalized black Land Cruiser LC300, belonging to Osinde, was discovered abandoned at Ilpashire along the Sikawa-Enoosaen road in Trans Mara West, Narok County. The vehicle’s number plates, battery, and radio were missing, indicating vandalism. Some documents found in the car are now serving as crucial evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Trans Mara West Sub-County Police Commander Jamlek Ngaruiya reported that the vehicle was found abandoned by the roadside, almost five days after Osinde was reported missing. Local residents alerted the police about the deserted vehicle.

Remembering Tom Osinde: His Legacy in the Treasury and Beyond

Osinde was an alumnus of the University of Nairobi, where he studied economics. He served the Ministry of Finance for many years, leveraging his expertise in financial management. He retired from the Treasury not too long ago and ventured into the world of business.

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