Nairobi’s 4.8-Star Cannabis Store: The Shocking Tale of Mathee Wa Ngara

by | Aug 18, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Nairobi, Kenya – Amidst Nairobi’s vibrant streets, a startling secret has emerged. A cannabis store, audaciously flaunting a 4.8-star rating on Google, has become the city’s hot topic. The mastermind behind this operation? None other than Mathee Wa Ngara, a woman whose involvement in such a venture has sent ripples of shock through Kenyan society.

The Arrest

Recent revelations from have brought to light the arrest of Mathee Wa Ngara. This isn’t just any arrest; it involves the discovery of millions in cash and a trove of drugs. The audacity of such an operation, led by a woman in a traditionally patriarchal society, has left many in disbelief.

The Google Review Mystery

In today’s digital era, the cannabis store linked to Mathee Wa Ngara boasts an astonishing 120 reviews, averaging 4.8 stars on Google. This digital endorsement raises more than eyebrows. How could a store, selling illicit substances, operate so openly in Nairobi, especially under the leadership of a woman?

Legal Implications

Cannabis remains illegal in Kenya. The audacity of a female-led store, thriving in the trade of this prohibited substance, challenges not only the nation’s legal framework but also societal norms. The potential legal and societal repercussions for such a bold operation are immense.

Public Reaction to Mathee wa Ngara’s Arrest

The arrest and the subsequent revelations about Mathee Wa Ngara’s operations have elicited a myriad of reactions. Reports from and highlight the public’s shock, especially given the gender dynamics in Kenyan society. While some express disbelief, others have humorously critiqued the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). In response, the DCI has asserted their dedication to upholding justice.

The story of Mathee Wa Ngara, a woman at the helm of a 4.8-star cannabis store, serves as a stark reminder of the audacity of illegal operations that can exist in plain sight. It also underscores the evolving role of women in Kenyan society, challenging traditional norms. As Nairobi processes this revelation, it’s evident that in today’s world, societal expectations can be defied in the most unexpected ways.

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