How to Recall a Whatsapp Message

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Smartphones | 0 comments

It has happened to the best of us. You type a Whatsapp message and only realize that you have sent it to the wrong recipient after you have tapped the send button. What do you do?

Unfortunately, Whatsapp is yet to introduce a feature that allows you to recall a message once you have sent it.

However, if you have quick fingers…and I mean really quick, you can save yourself potential embarrassment. You have to do this within seconds if you are to succeed in recalling a message.


  • Immediately you tap send and realize your error, quickly swipe your phone and look  for the quick access to the Internet connection (Wi-fi or Mobile Data). Android allows you to do this quickly by swiping your screen from the top downwards and tapping Wi-fi or Mobile Data to turn off your Internet connection.
  • Now, if the Whatsapp message still has the clock sign on it, then you can delete it and it won’t be delivered once you turn on your Internet connection. The clock sign is an indication that the message is still stored locally on your phone. 
  • However, if the message already has one tick on it, then it’s too late. The message has already left your phone and is seated in the Whatsapp servers waiting to be delivered to the recipient. Two ticks means the message has been delivered while two blue ticks means the message has been read.
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