Moral cop warns Kenyans on sharing nudes

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Tweets | 0 comments

Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Ezekiel Mutua has warned Kenyans against recording and sharing naked videos of other people. The moral cop’s statement comes hours after a video linked to a prominent politician went viral on Whatsapp, eliciting various reactions. Mutua further explained it is illegal to record inappropriate videos of people with or without their consent. “Making videos of others while naked, with or without their approval, is a breach of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222. No film or class of film for public exhibition shall be made without a filming license from the Board. Now you know!” Mutua wrote. Recently, socialite Bridget Achieng also fell victim when a video linked to her also surfaced on social media. She’s however sought to explain herself. “You never see the bitter women in business meetings, travelling the world, or living their best life because they are always on social media commenting and talking the most BS about other successful women they could never stand next to. I stand with myself!” she responded on social media following the leaked video.

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