How to Apply for a Driver Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Badge

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This guide will help you understand the application process for a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge in Kenya. The procedure is straightforward. Read on to get started.

Step 1: Open an NTSA Account

  • For PSV license holders in Kenya, the first step in applying for a PSV badge is to open an NTSA account. This can be done by visiting the NTSA portal and clicking on the “Register” link, which directs applicants to the e-Register an Account page. Individuals are required to provide their ID Serial Number, KRA PIN Number and Mother’s maiden name to complete the registration process. Such information is necessary for NTSA to validate each applicant’s application and issue them with a PSV license.
  • To verify your mobile/email address, press the “Verify Mobile/Email Address” button and enter the provided code into the verification tab. You will receive this code via phone or email, making it easy to finish verifying your account.
  • Carefully double-check your information before clicking the “Submit” button to finalise your registration.
  • You will receive your username and password to your phone via SMS and email.
  • This last action completes your registration on the TIMS platform.

Step 2: Log into Your NTSA Account

  • With the NTSA Self-Service Portal, you can quickly and easily log into your account and get started on applying for a PSV license.
  • After registering with the TIMS Platform, access the NTSA web portal and choose between a Username, ID No., Alien ID No. or Certificate of Incorporation to log in with.
  • Then enter the Username/ID No. and Password, followed by a Security Code that will be sent directly to your mobile phone via text message.
  • Finally, click on the Sign In button to start and fulfil your PSV licence application.

Step 3: Apply for the Driver Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge

  • After logging in, click on the “Driving license” option on the menu bar and select “Apply for Driver license” on the drop-down menu – this prompts the display of the PSV driver badge application form.
  • It’s essential to fill out all compulsory fields meticulously and upload your recent passport photo, scanned ID copy, driving license, and police certificate of good conduct.
  • When you are done completing the form, click on the “Next button” to proceed to the payment page.

Step 4: Make Payment

  • Once your application is submitted, you will be required to make payment for it via credit/debit card or M-PESA mobile money transfer before NTSA authorities can process it.
  • The fee for processing a Driver PSV Badge in Kenya is KES 1000 plus and KES 50 for convenience charges which must be paid before proceeding with step four below.
  • If payment is successful, a confirmation message will appear indicating that payment has been received and that your application is being processed by the authorities

Step 5: How To View Your Application Status

After submitting your application form and making payment, it’s always prudent that one monitors their status periodically until the successful issuance of their badge from any given office location nationwide occurs so as not to miss out on other vital notifications from authorities regarding their Driver PSV Badge status if any which may include information about delays due changes made by applicant or delays out of some unforeseen circumstances beyond control by either party involved.

Step 6: Visit Your Nearest NTSA Office and Collect Your PSV Badge

Once you receive a notification that the badge is ready for collection, head to any of the nearest National Transport Safety Authority offices across Kenya, where they will issue your Driver PSV Badge upon presenting your invoice printout and National ID.

Meta: Wondering how to get your Driver Public Service Vehicle (PSV) badge in Kenya? This comprehensive guide spells out the application process step-by-step.

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