Horrors Unearthed: Grisly Shakahola Massacre Toll Rises to 179 with Discovery of 29 More Bodies

by | May 13, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Kilifi, Kenya – The grim death toll in the Shakahola massacre continues to rise as the government’s exhumation efforts reveal 29 more bodies, bringing the total count to 179 victims, according to Coast Regional Commissioner Rhoda Onyancha. The number of missing individuals linked to the tragedy has also surged to 609.

The heinous acts, attributed to the notorious pastor Paul Mackenzie, have shocked the nation as the exhumation process uncovers more and more victims. Commissioner Onyancha, during a daily update on Friday, May 12, confirmed that the government would not cease its efforts until all bodies buried within the forest are recovered.

Disturbing post-mortem reports have shown that many victims perished due to starvation, while others suffocated. Authorities believe that most of these deceased were followers of Mackenzie, who allegedly manipulated them into starving themselves to death with promises of meeting “Jesus.”

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, who referred to the Shakahola cult deaths as a highly organized crime, disclosed that the government might unearth even more bodies in the Shakahola forest. During the resumption of the exhumation exercise, Kindiki revealed that detectives had started uncovering 20 additional mass graves. “The damage is quite significant. 20 mass graves are currently being opened. The process is far from over,” Kindiki stated on Tuesday, May 9.

As the chilling reality of this massive criminal undertaking continues to emerge, the Interior Cabinet Secretary assured the public that the government would do whatever necessary to unravel the full extent of the atrocities committed. The exhumation process, however, is expected to take longer than initially anticipated due to the vast number of graves discovered.

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